Hydrogen Water: Why You Should Drink It!

Hydrogen water - why you should drink it?

It’s no secret that water is still the best beverage for your health, although many people still prefer drinking energy drinks or fruit juices instead of water.

Energy drinks have been around since 1960, but they contain additives like sugar, salt, and harmful artificial coloring that provide more than enough reasons to keep the lid on them. Fruit juices contain a lot of sugar and artificial flavors, which makes eating fruit a lot healthier than drinking bottled fruit juice.

Water is still the only beverage that can be consumed without moderation, but is there a way to make water even healthier than it already is?

Over 500 studies have shown that hydrogen-rich alkaline water provides a lot more health benefits than regular tap water, bottled water, and reverse osmosis water – well, basically it’s healthier than ANY other type of water on the planet really.

What Does Hydrogen Water Do?

There are many benefits to drinking hydrogen water every day – including these four benefits:

  • Helps boost recovery times during and after prolonged periods of exercise
  • Improves your skin health
  • Promotes oral health
  • Helps boost your mood and decrease stress level

Helps Boost Recovery Times During and After Prolonged Periods of Exercise

You know those times where you want to keep exercising, but you find it hard to keep going because your pre-workout energy drink wore you down?

These times can be frustrating – but the good news is that hydrogen water is an excellent pre-workout drink that will keep you hydrated and energized during your workouts.

A study done on hydrogen water and exercise proved the benefits of drinking hydrogen water to help improve your post-exercise recovery because the water can help replenish all electrolytes lost during exercise.

Improves Your Skin Health

The high antioxidant properties found in hydrogen water can do wonders for the health of your skin.

Our skin, through aging and sun exposure, receives oxidation damage that makes our skin wrinkled and look dull. By drinking antioxidant hydrogen water, you can help reduce the oxidants in your skin AND help keep your skin looking young while improving its elasticity.

Here’s a healthy hack: you can even take a bath in hydrogen water to ensure that the antioxidants get directly applied to your skin! This is especially helpful when your skin is suffering from painful sunburn.

Promotes Oral Health

One surprising benefit of alkaline water that contains molecular hydrogen is the water’s effect on our oral health.

A laboratory study in South Korea compared the effects of regular tap water and hydrogen-alkaline water against oral bacteria. Bacterial strains commonly responsible for oral diseases were soaked in both tap water and hydrogen water.

The study determined that by drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline water regularly – you’ll improve your oral hygiene by removing other bacterial strains that can cause oral diseases.

Hydrogen water also won’t sting your mouth like most over-the-counter mouthwash brands do that use acidic bases to kill bacteria while eroding your teeth.

Helps Boost Your Mood and Decrease Stress Levels

You might not expect your drinking water to make you feel better. Sure, drinking water when you’re extremely thirsty will make you feel better, but hydrogen water can do more than just leave you properly hydrated.

Drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline water can positively affect the body’s autonomic nerve function which influences your mood and anxiety levels, according to this study from 2017.

Admit it…our busy lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits that many of us have effects our mood and how we feel more than we may realize.

Having a “stress-free lifestyle” isn’t achievable most of the time, but you can

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  1. Hi there,
    I am on a healing journey and doing my best to live a sugar free life. With that in heart,
    I noticed the molecular hydrogen contains dextrose and other ingredients. Could you explain to me about all ingredients especially dextrose.
    Also, should I only consume molecular hydrogen water and not standard water to hydrate and reap healing benefits?

    Thank you!

    1. Yes it is true, for people with type 2 diabetes, it’s been shown that supplementing with hydrogen water can improve lipid and glucose metabolism.

    1. The recommended daily water intake is between one and three liters. We recommend that you drink only hydrogen water, although anything more than one glass a day will be highly beneficial for regulating your oxidation level.

  2. So far I have taken the tablets 3 days. And I definitely am enjoying the mood boost! Fantastic, can’t wait to see how my skin is after a few weeks! Thank you!

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