Frequently Asked Questions

What is Molecular Hydrogen?
Molecular Hydrogen is the strongest antioxidant in the world. Molecular Hydrogen is a gas (H2). It is one of the few molecules able to penetrate the blood brain barrier.
Molecular Hydrogen tablets create & release hydrogen gas (H2, or Molecular Hydrogen) as they dissolve. Our Molecular Hydrogen tablets are made to slowly dissolve in your stomach to deliver a sustained release of Molecular Hydrogen inside your body.
Most molecular hydrogen tablets dissolve in water, most of the hydrogen gas dissolves and is released into the air. Very little of the H2 actually stays in the water. Think about it. Hydrogen is a gas which is not water soluble. When the tablet dissolves in water the gas is quickly lost. This is why we engineered our proprietary formula to slowly release Molecular Hydrogen Gas inside your body. This allows you to absorb every hydrogen molecule so that nothing is lost. It also delivers molecular hydrogen over a long period of time ensuring that you stay fully hydrated throughout your day, providing you with an abundance of energy.

As the smallest molecule in nature hydrogen has long been ignored by the biology scientists & medical communities. Recent studies over the last several years, have shown that the hydrogen molecule may have important pharmacological effects especially in the field of basic medicine. Considering that human intestinal bacteria can produce a certain amount of hydrogen, it suggests that hydrogen may be an endogenous active substance.

The human body is inseparable from free radicals & active oxygen at all times, and any biochemical reaction disorder may affect the normal operation of energy metabolism. The most important and most common of these biochemical reactions is the redox reaction. Most of these redox reactions are free radical reactions. Therefore, energy metabolism cannot be achieved without free radical reaction. In short, free radical and reactive oxygen are indispensable substances for all life activities.

When people consider that oxidative damage is caused by excessive increases in free radicals and reactive oxygen, a common misconception is to simply treat all reactive oxygen as a whole. In fact, there are many types of active oxygen in the body, and a small number of reactive oxygen species, such as hydroxyl radicals, nitrite anions and hypochlorite. These are extremely active and is most susceptible to irreversible chemical reactions with important biochemical macromolecules such as proteins, nucleic acids and lipids in the cells, resulting in fatal damage to these molecules, that is oxidative damage. This is almost the most common and basic pathophysiological mechanism for the occurrence and development of all diseases in humans.

Therefore, according to the past ideas, using a strong reducing substance (e.g., vitamins) to remove the active oxygen to treat disease is incomplete. Because strong reducing agents will indiscriminately remove active oxygen which is high in content, weak in activity and harmful to the body, and cannot selectively neutralize reactive oxygen which is harmful to the body.

A large amount of biological research indicates that hydrogen has an effect of selectively neutralizing hydroxyl radicals and nitrite anions, which is the basis for oxygen to treat diseases caused by oxidative damage. Studies show that oxygen can treat a wide variety of diseases. Such as: malignant swelling, colitis, carbon monoxide, post-encephalopathy, cerebral ischemia, senile dementia, Parkinson’s disease, depression, spinal cord injury, skin irritation, Type 2 diabetes, acute pancreatitis, organ transplant injury, intestinal ischemia system inflammation response, radiation damage, retinal damage & deafness. However, in addition to Type 2 diabetes, cerebral dysfunction, internal rheumatism and Parkinson’s disease have been tested in humans. At present, most diseases still need to be confirmed by rigorous clinical studies.

Free radicals are atoms or molecules in an electron orbit that cannot form an electron pair, and the reactivity is very high. Especially a free radical having an aerobic element is referred to as a malignant reactive oxygen. According to research, 2%-5% of oxygen inhaled by your body can generate super-oxygen free radicals with strong destructive power. Normal cells are destroyed by malignant reactive oxygen which accelerates the aging process.

Our H2 tablets our so superior to drinking hydrogen bubbles as they bubble out of your water. When water-insoluble hydrogen dissolves into water, it quickly dissolves into the air. For this reason, when water-insoluble hydrogen is released inside your body, significantly more hydrogen is absorbed by your body to fight free radicals and malignant super reactive oxygen.

Hydrogen molecules are the smallest molecule in the universe and can enter any cell in there body as well, it can penetrate the blood brain barrier. Hydrogen is a natural antioxidant that can neutralize malignant oxygen free radicals as well as peroxygen free radicals as well as others. . Malignant oxygen free radicals are the fundamental factors causing pathological changes, cancer, and accelerated aging. Smoking, stress and lack of sleep all can produce peroxygen free radicals.

Yes, they are completely vegan with no added animal products or animal testing.
Yes, our tablets dissolve in your stomach the same way any tablet would dissolve, and any excess gas will be released from your body through your digestive system.
No. The levels of magnesium in our molecular hydrogen life-extending tablets is far too low to be flammable, as is the level of hydrogen the tablets produce when dissolved. Hydrogen has to exceed 4% of the atmospheric pressure to be explosive.